Braille Printing Services

If you’re looking for Braille printing services, you’re not alone.

Organizations of all types are now moving towards more equitable communications—ensuring that all people have access to the required formats.

Services That Make all the Difference

It’s no surprise that people who are blind or have low vision prefer to receive statements, documents and textbooks in Braille format. That’s why we have designed our Braille printing services to continually ensure equal access—addressing the fundamentals of independent living for blind consumers, students, and more.

Our Braille Formats

You can easily choose which Braille format best suits your needs: un-contracted or contracted.

  • Un-contracted is the most basic representation of letters, numbers and punctuation.
  • Contracted combines approximately 300 contractions and is the most common, as it’s more efficient for the reader.

The Best in Braille Standards

Our Braille printing services adhere to Braille Authority of North America (BANA) standards, including its Unified English Braille Code (UEB). The UEB standard, developed to represent the wide variety of English Literary and Technical material, has been adopted as the international standard

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Whatever the type, size and complexity of your statement, document or textbook—we are here to help. So tell us about your project, and get started today!

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