Secure alternate formats with impenetrable infrastructure

Secure alternate formats is our core business. T-Base has been meeting and exceeding the rigorous security requirements of North America’s top financial and healthcare institutions for decades. Our infrastructure and systems ensure that our customers and end-users are protected; your data is never compromised. We routinely surpass third-party audits without a single deficiency.


Accessible statement processing you can count on

In many cases, one-to-one customer correspondence contains confidential information. Bank, credit card and mortgage statements for financial services; monthly usage billing statements for wireless or wireline services; and healthcare insurance statements contain private information. We understand then that financial institutions as well as healthcare insurance and telecommunications providers all require the highest level of security for accessible statement processing. Rest assured that our infrastructure is on par with that of the leading financial institutions we serve when it comes to security.

Policies for the processing and production of secure alternate formats

Our extensive list of security policies includes a fully documented and tested Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Resumption Plan. Other ways we are able to provide the most secure alternate formats in the industry:

  • Coverage in Canada and the U.S.
  • Redundant administration and infrastructure
  • Hot & cold standby sites
  • Can be operational within 24 hours if disaster strikes

T-Base’s secure infrastructure and systems safeguard customer data for Fortune 500 companies, protecting against fraud and identity theft. Under the same secure infrastructure, we protect sensitive standardized testing information for universities, colleges and our K-12 customers.