Digital Accessibility Audits

A comprehensive suite of digital accessibility audit services to address websites, client portals, mobile apps, IoT devices, enterprise platforms, kiosks and more.

Usability & Accessibility Compliance in a Digital World

In today’s digital world, accessibility is no longer simply a “nice to have”; it is a legal requirement by governments, healthcare, and education organizations worldwide. Increasingly, due to the high-volume plaintiff firms sending demand letters or filing lawsuits daily, Accessibility is now an issue across every business vertical. With the vast majority of information access being through websites, mobile apps, and portals, digital properties must be usable and accessible to everyone to ensure equitable access.

Accessibility Auditing

We offer a complete range of Digital Accessibility Testing, Compliance Auditing & Maintenance Solutions for desktop websites, mobile/responsive versions of websites, mobile apps, customer portals, e-commerce sites, and enterprise software.

Audit Summary Report
After completing the comprehensive live-user audit, a written document summarizes the audit and highlights common issues found, along with the recommended next steps.

Usability Issue Documentation
A list of related site-wide UX or third-party issues to improve overall usability, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

Accessibility Badge
Authorized use of the world-renowned “Reviewed By T-Base” badge to indicate that an industry-leading accessibility initiative is underway.

Audit Issue Report
The detailed audit reports will be located within HUB, providing your team with all necessary information, resources, and training to remediate any accessibility issues. A comprehensive list of exportable findings including:

  • Site-wide accessibility issues
  • Specific instance(s) on each URL or mobile view that violates WCAG
  • Associated accessibility WCAG success criteria not being met by the non-compliant element
  • User audience affected by the issue (e.g., screen reader, keyboard-only, hearing impaired)
  • A detailed recommendation to remediate each noted issue
  • Issue priority associated with indicating the severity of the violation
  • Link to related HUB knowledge base articles for support

Remediation Support & Quality Assurance Testing Services

The level of specific support activities required varies dramatically from customer to customer based on the type of digital properties, testing cadence, developer timelines and availability, and more.

As such, T-Base provides a set of support hours to help you reach your goals. How an organization uses these hours in the activities is up to the organization and can shift over time.

The T-Base Difference

Your accessibility solutions reside within the revolutionary HUB—the world’s only fully accessible customer portal, workflow management system, and governance tool. In addition, the HUB contains a knowledge base, training videos, and an interactive help desk to support your remediation efforts.  HUB includes:

  • Knowledge Base — T-Base audit results are tied to this online learning portal for detailed how-to articles on how to accurately and holistically fix accessibility issues. 
  • Report Log — All audit results and progress is logged, tracked, and documented for the governance of accessibility compliance.
  • Video Training Series — Video tutorials include design and development fundamentals, content manager-specific topics, and iOS & Android training.
  • Help Desk — Access to answer specific questions regarding Audit Results & Quality Assurance Testing results along with any questions your team may have pertaining to fixes or how to build new with accessibility in mind

Ongoing Maintenance & Support
T-Base provides comprehensive live-user monitoring of the website and digital properties while also providing on-demand QA testing for new design and development.

Dedicated Customer Support Manager
T-Base assigns a Dedicated Customer Support Manager (CSM) to your team. This central point of contact helps start the project, delivers audit results, schedules Q&A meetings, and—upon successful remediation outcomes—facilitates the issuing of your official Letter of Conformance. 

Live User Auditors
Our Digital Accessibility Audits consists of live-users with disabilities that lead the detailed review and assessment, along with keyboard-only users using standards established in WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 Level AA.

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All audits are completed by Accesible360, a T-Base Company.