Timely delivery of the accessible materials students need

Time is of the essence when it comes to producing textbooks and other accessible instructional materials for students with disabilities. T-Base combines cutting-edge technology and subject matter expertise to turn around instructional materials accurately in every format, faster than you’ve ever seen. K-12, universities, colleges and publishers count on T-Base’s unique capacity to deliver high quality at high speed.

Literary (UEB & EBAE). Technical & Nemeth Braille. Tactile Graphics.

T-Base has the certified transcribers, state-of-the-art equipment and automation software to deliver textbooks for students with disabilities, workbooks and supporting materials in Literary, Technical and Nemeth braille, alongside industry-leading tactile graphics.

Looking for braille textbooks in UEB? Check!

We’ve been transcribing, proofing and delivering instructional material in Unified English Braille (UEB) for several years now; in fact, T-Base was one of the first alternate format producers to adopt this standard.

Image of a young boy laughing while reading a braille book and leaning against a library shelf.
Student smiling, sitting in a classroom environment and listening to audio through headphones

Braille is not your only option

We understand that learning styles and requests vary. Some students may prefer braille textbooks, whereas others choose audio learning materials. Ensure all students have the resources they need to succeed. T-Base produces and delivers accessible instructional materials in the following alternate formats:

  • Reflowed large print
  • Accessible PDF
  • Audio
  • e-Text

Secure standardized testing for you and your students

T-Base works on behalf of North America’s largest financial institutions to process private financial banking and investor statements under a secure infrastructure.

Under that same secure infrastructure, we produce accessible standardized tests and report cards for individual schools; school boards; and ministries and departments of education with province- and state-wide testing, respectively. Sensitive testing information remains private.

Specializing in Nemeth braille, Technical and Literary in UEB, T-Base is your go-to for accessible standardized testing.

Large group of students taking standardized tests in lecture hall
Image of cheetah running and kicking up dust depicting speed of T-Base FASTtrack service.

Braille textbooks: 2x faster

FASTtrack is a proprietary software solution that puts braille instructional materials in students’ hands 2x faster. K-12 and post-secondary institutions can join the FASTtrack membership program for a whole host of exclusive benefits associated with the transcription of braille textbooks, including the following:

  • Priority service
  • Reserved transcription capacity
  • Exclusive offers and rewards
  • Advance notice of industry news