Braille textbooks

Our dedicated team understands the needs of and empathizes with the end recipient – a student in the middle of an important learning experience who needs timely access to high-quality accessible instructional materials (e.g. braille textbooks).

Accessible instructional materials in other formats

T-Base has decades of experience in textbook transcription, robust corporate standards and state-of-the-art secure production facilities. Our skilled certified transcribers and proofreaders specialize in various braille types: Nemeth, Music, Literary (UEB and EBAE). We seamlessly transcribe textbook data and produce accessible instructional materials that are of the highest degree of usability and readability for students in K-12, college and university.

Image of a k-12 student reading a braille textbook in a classroom

Standardized testing made accessible

Many private and public K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions in Canada and the United States entrust T-Base for standardized testing in braille, large print, audio and accessible math.

T-Base-produced standardized tests and exams in alternate formats will be of the utmost quality with unbeatable turnaround. Plus, our secure infrastructure protects sensitive data and student information.

Image of a student reading braille textbooks

Transcription in braille, large print, e-Text, audio, accessible PDF and accessible math

For ever-greater efficiency and so that we’re able to offer the broadest range of input and output formats in the alternative format industry, we innovate in software-based transformation solutions. We offer braille textbooks and other instructional materials in braille, large print, e-Text, audio, DAISY, accessible PDF and accessible math. We accept all electronic file formats, including PDF, e-Text, EPUB 3 and NIMAS files.

Large group of students taking standardized tests in lecture hall

Our commitment to continued success in education shows in the work we do.

Tactile graphics

Our specialists continue to innovate and advance as leaders in tactile graphic design. Our lead tactile graphic artist is also the Chairperson of BANA’s Tactile Graphics Technical Committee and has 20+ years’ experience in tactile graphic design. We provide customer-specific scripting for all aspects of tactile production, including layout and design, braille quality and adherence to BANA standards.

Customer service

We prioritize customer service to ensure that at all times, and at all levels of the organizations we serve, T-Base is seen as a trusted, reliable partner—one that ensures its customers can communicate effectively with their students who are blind or have low vision and are at all times compliant with applicable legislation.

Unified English Braille (UEB) code

T-Base was one of the first adopters of UEB Code; we have been transcribing, proofing and delivering braille textbooks and other instructional materials in UEB for several years now. We have transcribed well over hundreds of thousands of pages in UEB in both literary and technical formats (UEB Technical and UEB with Nemeth).

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance team spends considerable time reviewing processes and improving performance to ensure your student requirements are met. T-Base recently developed agency decisions for customers in education. Agency decisions are customer-specific transcription instructions that address end-product requirements.

Expedited transcription and turnaround

Our experienced software developers have spent thousands of hours turning what was an arduous, manual process into one more streamlined. T-Base FASTtrack is our semi-automated solution for braille transcription and is not easily replicated in the marketplace. Transcription through FASTtrack highly benefits our customers in both education and publishing, as it allows us to deliver accessible instructional material 2x faster—alongside leading tactile graphic production. STEM subjects included. Quality is never compromised.