We produce all alternate formats from a single file

The secret to our alternate formats is in our software. Give us one digital file, and in record time we’ll turn around every accessible format you need: braille, large print, audio or accessible PDF. We’ve invented our own software to accelerate complex processes. Guided automation and QA by our subject matter experts ensures a high-quality end product, consistently.

About the various alternate format types

People use alternate formats to access information otherwise presented in standard print or non-accessible digital files. Some users prefer to use assistive technology such as a screen reader to read accessible PDFs or e-text, whereas others prefer braille, large print or audio. To help ensure you meet the diverse needs of your audience and comply with legislation, T-Base offers a variety of alternate formats.



For many consumers who are blind or have low vision, braille is the preferred format in which to receive communications (e.g. statements, documents, textbooks).

T-Base produces braille that adheres to Braille Authority of North America (BANA) standards and passes rigorous quality assurance processes in both transcription and production.

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Large Print

Following consultations with people who request and receive their communications in large print, T-Base has developed large print format standards.

For every statement or document we produce in large print, we incorporate end-user feedback for readability, addressing preferences for font size, contrast, layout and emphasis.

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Accessible PDF

A fully tagged PDF guarantees the proper, logical reading order for people navigating the document via accessibility software such as a screen reader.

T-Base is proud to be a member of the PDF Association and promote the adoption and implementation of International Standards for PDF technology. T-Base PDFs adhere to ISO standard 14289 PDF/UA.

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Ensuring your customer communications are accessible online ensures that all visitors have access to your web content and strengthens compliance with standards and legislation.

Desktop and mobile accessibility are equally important to consider as part of your overall strategy for an inclusive customer experience.

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When reading standard print proves difficult or impossible, many people choose audio. T-Base audio files, produced in human and synthetic voice, eliminate the challenges associated with interpreting computer files that contain graphics, multiple columns or other design components that are not screen reader-friendly.

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e-Text has become easier to navigate and more prevalent as software, mobile devices, e-readers and tablets have evolved. T-Base takes relevant information from your document and converts it into e-Text to ensure compatibility with adaptive software and technologies.

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