The faster, simpler way to turn accessible communications into opportunity

People who have low vision or are blind, along with their friends and family, are a growing and influential market. T-Base makes it easier to deliver great customer experiences with accessible communications that build relationships, in accessible PDF, e-Text, audio, braille, reflowed large print and online.

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Introducing CL Online

Your quick, effective and affordable solution for accessible document transcription.

Communicate in every alternate format

Communicate in every alternate format. Give T-Base a single file. We’ll deliver your documents in every alternate format you need more securely, more quickly and more affordably. No IT investment required.

Image of eye glasses and pen resting on monthly financial statements.

Monthly accessible bank, mortgage, cell phone, utility and health insurance statements that are accurate, timely and secure.
We work with you directly or through your statement provider.

Image of man wearing glasses reading personal customer correspondence documents.

Accessible “one-to many” documents such as instruction manuals, marketing materials, forms, brochures, plan descriptions and applications; and “one-to-one” personal customer correspondence.

Image of student at a desk reading a braille textbook.

Accessible instructional materials for K-12, universities, colleges and publishers, delivered faster. Our innovative FASTtrack technology accelerates accurate transcription, putting materials in students’ hands 2x faster.


Accessibility drives market share

The role of demographic and cultural shifts

Aging boomers experiencing vision loss are a growing market, and they expect great customer experiences. Optimize accessible communications with T-Base and net a high return. As the RODI (Return on Disability Index) shows, an enlightened approach to accessibility correlates with better corporate performance. Plus, innovations that enhance accessibility create value – consider Siri!

Consumers apt to move business due to lack of visual accessibility:
51 million

The population of people in the USA who have low vision or are blind, along with friends and family, adds up to 68 million. Out of this, a full 51 million are apt to move business from companies that don’t provide visual accessibility.


How T-Base keeps you ahead of the accessibility curve

T-Base has been the number one choice for Fortune 500 companies since 1998. We simplify the design and delivery of accessible communications to meet high volume, security and customization demands at an enterprise scale.

Icon of security shield against a computer screen representing privacy and security.

Privacy and security

Our state-of-the-art security and privacy infrastructure has evolved over decades of working with North America’s largest financial institutions. We ensure that customers and end users are protected and that data is never compromised.

Icon of lines on a left and bottom axis of a graph representing innovation.

Technology innovation

We invent new software technologies and use automation to scale the concept of corporate & social responsibility. You help more people this way than with old-fashioned legacy methods.

Icon of right arrow on top of left arrow demonstrating rapid turnaround.

Faster turnaround

Our customers have a need for speed. T-Base has set new records for rapid turnaround time and high quality. All while maintaining the highest level of privacy and security.

Icon of legal gavel depicting how T-Base reduces legal compliance risks.

Legal imperative

Perhaps you’re doing the absolute minimum and nobody’s complained. Yet. Next thing you know, you could be facing a costly non-compliance lawsuit. Count on T-Base expertise to help reduce the risks.


Make a statement

How Fortune 500 firms issue accessible statements on time

All customers need to access their secure personal account updates to pay bills on time. From financial services & healthcare to utilities and telecom, more and more Fortune 500 companies count on T-Base to accelerate delivery of accessible statements and private information for customers who are blind or have low vision.

Image of man pointing to an image of a security shield with lock inside, demonstrating T-Base’s secure infrastructure.

Demand impenetrable security

Our security infrastructure exceeds tough audit standards

Not only are we HIPAA compliant, we’re the first alternate format company to be certified under both the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and SSAE-18 SOC2 Type 2.

T-Base welcomes rigorous third party audits each year for customers in security-intensive industries from banking to healthcare. We use internal and external audit results to further strengthen security at every level: cyber, facilities and personnel. We routinely surpass inspections without any recorded deficiencies.


Students with low vision dream of STEM careers

A more inclusive world demands accessibility

More young people with vision loss are discovering STEM subjects to realize their dreams of becoming doctors, scientists, engineers or tech entrepreneurs.

With T-Base, you’ll get your students their accessible instructional materials twice as fast, including STEM subjects with complex equations and tactile graphics. Our ground-breaking FASTtrack technology speeds up the transcription process for accessible text, and reduces your wait time.

Image of man sitting at desk with a printed map comparing a tactile graphic of the same map produced by T-Base.
Image of a person seated on a bed, typing on their laptop

It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the law

Be proactive now. Why pay the price for non-compliance?

Compliance is a requirement but it’s not easy, and lawsuits are on the increase. T-Base experts guide you through the complex maze of accessible communications regulations and standards, and make it simpler to keep up with your legal obligations.