Your central hub for accessible communications

Learn. Gain new insights. Discover the latest trends. Understand how to communicate accessibly. As an innovator and thought leader in accessible communications, T-Base creates or curates relevant content on this “hub” to serve as a useful centralized resource, keeping you informed.


Communicating with customers in their preferred format is more than just good customer service; in fact, in many places across North America it’s required by law. Learn about nation-wide legislation pertaining to the provision of alternate formats, plus legislation by state and province. Also learn about WCAG 2.0/2.1 AA, the international standard for web accessibility.


Conferences and workshops

Throughout the year, our team attends remarkable accessibility conferences and workshops. In many cases we will have a booth and/or speaking opportunity. Going to these events is a great chance to meet with new and familiar faces in the accessible communications industry, share information and become inspired.



T-Base covers a variety of topics in our whitepapers, from the  hotly-contested large print versus photocopying to the end-user’s perspective on the accessibility of communications from service providers. Learn about the latest trends in accessible communications and how to enhance the customer experience through equal access.



Looking for a super fun way to learn about accessible communications? We produce animated videos that cover applicable legislation by industry, the types of alternate formats available as well as the role accessibility plays in improving the lives of people who are blind or have low vision. Follow T-Base on YouTube.