HIPAA-compliance meets equal access to communications

T-Base simplifies the challenges leading healthcare insurance providers face when it comes to accessible communications. Our turn-key service applies proprietary software to automate conversion of personalized documents such as statements. Rapid turnaround, security and compliance are assured. Plan members who are blind or low vision get equal access, in any format.

North America’s leading healthcare insurance providers turn to T-Base to ensure their plan members who are blind or low vision have equal access to important and accessible healthcare insurance documents. We understand that the healthcare insurance industry communicates information to individuals—that is, on a one-to-one basis—and to entire membership groups.

Accessible healthcare documents made easy

T-Base makes it easy to deliver any informative plan member document, whether it’s an EOB, ANOC or EOC, in every alternate format. Meet the needs of consumers who are blind or low vision by providing accessible healthcare insurance documents in braille, large print, audio, e-Text and online via accessible PDFs and accessible web properties.


Data integrity

Safe handling of customer data is as important to us as it is to you.
We comply with the data security and safe handling requirements of our customers. T-Base works on behalf of North America’s largest financial institutions to process private financial banking and investor statements. Under the same secure infrastructure, we produce accessible healthcare insurance documents.

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Comprehensive, secure infrastructure
  • Redundant back up facilities
  • Deep understanding of legislative obligations

T-Base can deliver important healthcare insurance documents on your behalf, privately and securely, under your brand.