Webinar: You’re NOT alone in your journey to accessible communications.

Helping to navigate the complexity of accessibility laws, compliance and technology for the visually impaired.

As the focus on inclusivity continues to evolve, you, of course, want to do what is best for everyone—this includes ensuring that communications of all kinds are accessible for those with visual or auditory challenges. However, keeping up-to-date with current legal requirements can make compliance both daunting and confusing.

That’s not where the confusion ends. Adding to the mix is an entire industry of website scanning tools, document remediation solutions, professional services and more. And all of these claim to be the single-source solution you need to meet your accessibility goals, comply with laws, and ultimately ensure people can access what they need when they need it—but are they?

You’re not alone—we can help. In this 60-minute educational webinar, our Accessibility Experts will help you un-complicate the world of accessibility and how to identify the proper first steps needed to navigate your journey towards accessibility compliance.

Topics will include:

  • What accessibility laws mean, and how to ensure eventual compliance.
  • What technology and tools can help you start your compliance journey.
  • How to ensure that your website, apps, digital and print become accessibility compliant.
  • How to best select the right services to help identify and fix your accessibility issues.

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