Webinar: Solving Equitable Access for Education

New technology that enables the creation of real-time, fully-accessible educational resources

Equitable access to educational assets is imperative to a student’s success. That’s why education professionals must work to provide timely, high-quality instructional materials in accessible formats to guarantee that success. However, for many, producing accessible documents can present a trade-off between speed and quality—unable to ensure that communications are actually fully accessible for those that need them. 

The good news is that struggle is over. In this 60-minute webinar, T-Base’s Education Specialists will demonstrate our newly introduced FASTtrack(pronounced “Fast Track”) Online—the easy-to-use, subscription-based Document Remediation Platform that combines high-level automation with guided user input to effectively and affordably transcribe your documents.  

Attendees will be guided through functionality that enables:

  • Accessible PDF — The accessible format that contains document information, including semantic structure, enabling people to easily navigate and read electronic content using screen readers, screen magnifiers, and joysticks. 
  • Reflowed Large Print (Accessible Word) — Multifunctional accessible format, enabling users to print large print documents from Word files or experience it as a digital format with improved on-screen readability and enhanced audio experience (via text-to-speech tools).
  • E-text — Containing extracted text from the source document with audio directives enabling text-to-speech tools to process this file for users to create an audio version of the document.

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