The Power of Alternate Formats in the Classroom Video Described

The Power of Alternate Formats in the Classroom on YouTube

>> Narrator: It’s a brand new semester. Do your students have what they need to start the year off right?

(On a white background, a hand draws the following characters: students in a classroom & their teacher speaking in front of the class)

>> Narrator: Students who are blind or have low vision need access to alternate formats in order to learn and to thrive in the classroom.

(Students read books. One student who is blind or has low vision looks distraught, as he is unable to read the textbook. Orange question marks pop up around his head. His classmates, who are fully sighted, appear to be enjoying the book, laughing and smiling while reading.)

>> Narrator: Quick quiz for you. Are you giving every student equal opportunity to succeed? And are you meeting accessibility requirements?

(The two questions appear on the screen. The teacher looks confused. When the second question about legislation appears, an image of a justice scale pops up next to it.)

>> Narrator: T-Base is your go-to alternate format company, transcribing textbooks and secure tests and exams.

(The teacher appears excited there is a solution & the T-Base Communications logo appears with sparkles to the teacher’s side. The words “Your go-to alternate format company” appear in text below the logo. Images of a pile of textbooks as well as tests and exams appear.)

>> Narrator: For complex STEM subjects into both literary and technical braille including Nemeth & UEB codes as well as any accompanying tactile graphics.

(The words “STEM Subjects” appears on the screen. The image for the Braille Authority of North America logo appears along with an image of a tactile graphic.)

>> Narrator: We also produce and deliver large print, e-text and other alternate formats, and in various languages.

(Images of alternate formats offered by T-Base appear beside happy teacher. The official logos for DAISY and PDF Association’s PDF/UA Competence Center appear. The words “English, Français, español” appear on chalkboard behind the teacher.)

>> Narrator: Ensure all students have the resources they need this semester and that you’re compliant with accessibility legislation. We’re here 24/7 to help make it happen.

(A character depicting a Disability Services for Students Coordinator (DSS) is seated at her desk with the phone to her ear. Speech bubble has her requesting a student textbook in UEB with the words “I need a student’s science textbook in UEB!” in text appearing in the speech bubble. A character depicting a T-Base representative is seated at his desk, responding to the DSS coordinator’s call with the phone to his ear.)

(Student who is blind reappears with his graduation cap on his head and his hand in the air to celebrate finishing his courses and program. His classmates and teacher cheer behind him.)

>> Narrator: For fast turnaround, high-quality output materials and certified transcribers, turn to us for your accessible education materials!

(“Request a quote today! 1-800-563-0668” appears. Video ends.)