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Introducing T-Base FASTtrack membership

We’ve coined a new word: FASTtrack. (Well, it’s new at T-Base at least.) We’ve revolutionized transcription through T-Base FASTtrack to eliminate the trade-off between speed and quality and deliver accessible instructional materials faster than ever before.

noun | \ ˈfas(t)-ˌtrak \

automated software solution that devours
high-volume orders for accessible instructional
materials at groundbreaking speed.


Image of T-Base FASTtrack logo



FASTtrack has been a labor of love for our development team. They’ve invested thousands of hours into designing, integrating and testing this newest software solution of ours. FASTtrack turns transcription–typically manual and arduous–into a process more streamlined, putting braille textbooks in the hands of students faster. It’s automated and guided by trained FASTtrack operators with QA by certified transcribers and subject matter experts.

We did our homework.

Before officially launching the FASTtrack membership, we spoke to our customers in education to learn what is important to them when it comes to meeting the needs of their students who are blind or have low vision. Two things came to the forefront:

  1. Speed
  2. Quality

With T-Base FASTtrack, we’re thrilled to help alleviate what has plagued the education system for years: long wait times, transcriber shortages, and inadequate supply to meet the demand.

  • No longer is there an issue of getting quality braille textbooks in students’ hands in a timely manner – when they need it.
  • No longer is there a trade-off between speed and quality. T-Base FASTtrack delivers both.

We also asked our customers to help us craft the member benefits for FASTtrack so that it would be the most sought-after membership program for educational institutions. Below are the benefits they considered most enticing.

T-Base FASTtrack Membership Benefits

  • 2X faster turnaround time
  • Guaranteed delivery dates
  • Reserved transcription capacity
  • Priority service
  • Exclusive offers and rewards
  • Advance notice of news

The best part is that the $1,950 required to become a member is applied against orders in the form of a credit toward any T-Base service, which is unmatched in the industry. We’ve been told that becoming a FASTtrack member is no-brainer, but we invite you to judge for yourself.