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How to Convert a Document to e-Text

converting documents to e-text

What is e-Text?

E-Text, or Electronic text, refers to publications in which all graphical components (e.g. relevant photographs, charts, and illustrations) are fully explained in the text, allowing people using screen reader software to access all the necessary information. E-Text is a general term for any document that is read in digital form, especially a document that is mainly long-form text. The term e-Text can also be synonymous with e-book.

e-Text Origins

E-texts, or electronic documents, have been around since long before the Internet, the Web, and specialized E-book reading hardware. Roberto Busa began developing an electronic edition of Aquinas in the 1940s, while large-scale electronic text editing, hypertext, and online reading platforms such as Augment and FRESS appeared in the 1960s. These early systems made extensive use of formatting, markup, automatic tables of contents, hyperlinks, and other information in their texts, as well as in some cases (such as FRESS) supporting not just text but also graphics.[1] 

Why e-Text is More Accessible?

There are numerous advantages of e-Text/e-books. Some of those advantages that make e-Text more accessible to individuals who have limited or low vision include:

  • Online accessibility
  • Compatible with screen readers
  • Ease of distribution of information
  • Easily portable
  • Accessible on a number of different electronic devices
  • No physical storage required
  • Ability to zoom in and read with a larger font size
  • Ability to be read to aloud with text-to-speech
  • Descriptive text to accompany images

How Do You Convert Documents to e-Text?

E-Text has become easier to navigate and more prevalent as software, mobile devices, e-readers, and tablets have evolved. T-Base takes the information from your document and converts it into e-Text using advanced automation, software, and a rigorous QA process to ensure accuracy and compatibility with adaptive software and technologies.

Benefits of Converting Documents to e-Text with T-Base

Converting documents to accessible formats such as e-Text can be time-consuming. T-Base simplifies the conversion process and can convert documents to e-Text quickly and accurately at an enterprise scale. Their accessibility services infrastructure has been developed for over 20 years and they utilize a team of industry subject matter experts. T-Base leads the industry in innovation and thought leadership. The following outlines some of the benefits you will experience using T-Base’s solution for document conversion:

  • Advanced technology and automation allows for streamlined, more accurate transcription of documents to e-Text
  • Expert transcribers oversee and QA all the document conversions for quality and accuracy
  • Meets the most stringent security requirements for data privacy and security in the industry
  • Up to date on all compliance legislation to advise you on any accessibility issues you may have

“Do you want your documents converted fast or do you want them converted accurately?” With T-Base you don’t need to make that choice. T-Base eliminates the trade-off between quality and speed and delivers both every time, on every document they convert. Other conversion options struggle with slow turnaround times in order to achieve better quality, or you may get fast turnaround times but then quality and accuracy suffer. T-Base does not compromise on quality or accuracy and will deliver accessible communication 2x faster than other options out in the market. Contact us today to convert your documents to e-Text fast and with the highest quality available.

Jeff Jullion

Jeff Jullion

Manager of Education Accessibility Communications  at T-Base Communications Inc.