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How Much Does Braille Cost?

This is a question we get at T-Base all the time: “How much does braille printing services cost?” The answer is, “It really depends.” There are a couple of factors that come into play. To best answer this question, here are some clarifying questions that need to be answered first. When we know things like the type of document that requires braille transcription and the size and complexity of that document, we’re in a better position to provide a quote.

Below is a list of questions we will need to address upfront along with some tips to consider when inquiring about our braille services.

Type and complexity

  1. How much does braille cost? braille transcription, braille printingIs the requirement for a accessible document, accessible statement or braille textbook? How many pages are in the original?
    TIP: If you can provide a word count, that’s super helpful.
  2. Are there complex formulas, charts or graphs in the original?
    TIP: This will help us determine if it is Literary, Technical or Nemeth braille that is required.
  3. Will you require tactile graphics to accompany the text for charts, graphs, maps or other detailed imagery?
  4. Are there images that will need to be described for the braille user to understand the context?
  5. What type of file will you be providing to be transcribed? Is the original in Word, Excel, PDF or other?
    TIP: A clean, text-extractable RTF document speeds up the braille transcription process considerably.
  6. In what language will you be providing the original? English, French or Spanish?

Braille printing

  1. Does the user prefer Unified English Braille (UEB) code or English Braille American Edition (EBAE)?
    TIP: UEB has been officially adopted as the international standard by Braille Authority of North America (BANA), and your end user will likely want this braille format – read more about UEB.
  2. Is the requirement for contracted braille or uncontracted braille? (if known)
  3. Would you like the braille printing to be single-sided or inter-point?  (both sides of the braille page)
  4. How many copies of the final braille output do you need?
  5. And finally, when do you need it? What date do you need the finished product in your hands?

By providing answers to these questions, you help us expedite the quote process, avoiding back and forth communication before a quote can be issued. If you need your estimate quickly for braille transcription and printing services, simply copy and paste these questions with your answers into an email and send it to

If you don’t have answers to these questions, contact us! We’d be happy to guide you through the entire braille transcription process—from quote to delivery (and even after).

ONE FINAL TIP: It’s always best to send us your document so we can review it in advance. If the document you are sending contains confidential and private customer information, we can arrange to have it sent via our STTP server.