FASTtrack membership benefits

Annual membership

To become a FASTtrack member, a prepayment of $1,950 (USD) is required and is applied against orders in the form of a credit toward any T-Base service at standard rates (before taxes). It acts as a down payment toward future work within the membership year. See full terms and conditions of FASTtrack membership.


The industry standard for converting printed textbooks into braille is a complex process that takes about four to nine months. When you become a member of T-Base FASTtrack you will receive your braille textbooks 2x faster than the industry average. Plus, when you provide a clean, text-extractable file, turnaround is even significantly faster than that.

T-Base has invested thousands of hours into designing, integrating and testing FASTtrack to turn what was an arduous, manual process into one that is streamlined—automated and guided by trained FASTtrack operators, with QA by certified transcribers and subject matter experts.


T-Base guarantees agreed-upon delivery dates for FASTtrack members. Should T-Base not meet the agreed-upon delivery schedule, we’ll offer a free membership for the following year with all the benefits of FASTtrack.


When you become a FASTtrack member, we’ll reserve capacity and make your orders top priority. Regardless of the work T-Base has in-house, your order will be bumped in the queue.


As a member, we will send you news that could impact you, that is industry updates and any fresh information that pertains to meeting the needs of students who are blind. You’ll also receive T-Base news before we announce it to the general public.


From time to time, members will receive exclusive offers and loyalty rewards. These offers and rewards are exclusive to FASTtrack members.

Current offers for FASTtrack members include Service Reward Credits. We’ll calculate the value of all orders you’ve placed through T-Base within the FASTtrack membership year, regardless of the service (e.g. braille textbooks, web accessibility audits, accessible PDF, etc.), and apply a credit toward future orders based on how much your organization has spent.

Example: if your organization spends $100,000 on T-Base services as a FASTtrack member, you’ll earn a $6,000 credit to use the following year on any T-Base service. That’s regardless of your FASTtrack renewal – these rewards are yours to use. For full details, see Service Reward Credits in the Terms.


You will have a T-Base representative assigned to you, who will be there to answer questions and guide you through the entire transcription process—from quote to delivery (and even after).

Your T-Base representative will keep you informed and assured, making absolutely sure that you receive the individual attention you deserve as a member and that every one of your braille transcription requirements are met.

In fact, we don’t stop there. You’ll have access to our in-house subject matter experts (SMEs). Want to know something specific about UEB, tactile graphics, web accessibility, or how to comply with accessibility legislation? Our T-Base SMEs are available to FASTtrack members; they’ll answer any questions you may have, when you have them.