FASTtrack: For Braille Textbooks 2x Faster Video Described

FASTtrack: For Braille Textbooks 2x Faster on YouTube

(Upbeat music is playing for the duration of the video)

(Character depicting a Disability Support Services (DSS) employee stands behind her desk, handing a character depicting a student who is blind a document in braille. The T-Base logo appears above the characters with “Introduces FASTtrack” and “Get learning materials in your students’ hands 2x faster” below the logo.)

>> Narrator: The time it takes to get alternate formats in the classroom for students who are blind or have low vision is a problem plaguing departments of education, school boards and individual educational institutions across North America.

(The character depicting the student who is blind appears again to the left of the screen holding a document with math equations on it. Below him there’s text: “Meet Edward, Student, Blind.” A copy of this character appears to the right—this time he’s seated at his desk, on his computer. Below him there’s text: ”Edward gets word of his required reading material one month before the first day of class.” Above him there is a thought cloud that reads, “Next step: Buy books!” Above the two characters there is a clock; its hands are moving fast, representing the pace of time.)

>> Narrator: Once contracted out, depending on the complexity & size of the textbook, manual braille transcription can take several months.

(Three characters appear: The DSS coordinator, who is on the phone and has a speech bubble above her head that reads, “How long to transcribe into UEB?”; Edward’s professor, who is standing, talking on his cell phone; and an Assistive Technology Specialist, who is sitting and listening to the other two. After the DSS Coordinator and the professor end their calls, all three characters look distressed. The DSS coordinator appears juggling three more phone calls and both Edward’s professor and the AT Specialist look defeated, resting their faces in their hands.)

>> Narrator: By the time the student receives the accessible materials, it may be too late; classmates may be light years ahead in their studies.

(The professor points to a whiteboard that has a chart with an upward arrow; a speech bubble appears above his head that reads, “Who can explain the progression?” The professor points in the direction of the class (to the right) before sliding left off the screen. The student who is blind appears distressed, hunched over with his head in his hand. A thought bubble appears above his head that reads, “We’re already on chapter 8!? Sigh.” Three characters depicting his classmates appear writing and listening to the professor.)

>> Narrator: FASTtrack–an automation tool guided by T-Base’s certified transcribers–streamlines the process, getting materials in students’ hands at least 2 times faster.

(The FASTtrack logo appears with “Flexible. Automated. Secure. Transcription.” The following bullet points appear afterward:

  • “Automation tool guided by T-Base’s certified transcribers to simplify and accelerate transcription.”
  • “UEB, Technical, Nemeth, Literary, Accessible Math” The official Braille Authority of North America logo appears to the right of this text.
  • Specializing in STEM subjects
  • Materials 2x Faster

The student who is blind and his classmates remain in the scene, to the far right, as these points pop up.)

>> Narrator: T-Base is your go-to alternate format company, specializing in the transcription of textbooks—for even the most complex STEM subjects and with industry-leading tactile graphics.

(“Your go-to alternate format company” appears followed by “STEM Textbooks: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math”. The following graphics appear: a pile of textbooks, a calculator, laboratory glassware and a tactile graphic.)

>> Narrator: We’ve invested thousands of hours into FASTtrack to make your job easier and help give students who are blind or have low vision equal opportunity to succeed.

(Here there is a split screen. On the left, the DSS coordinator appears, handing the student who is blind educational material in braille. “Make your job easier” appears with a check mark to its right below the DSS coordinator and the student. On the right side of the screen, there is a group of students graduating, including the student who is blind, and all are cheering. There’s a T-Base circular logo with a graduation cap on it. “Equal opportunity to succeed” appears below the group with a check mark to its right.”)

>> Narrator: Sign up as a FASTtrack VIP member today for exclusive benefits and valuable rewards from T-Base.

(Closing scene has the FASTtrack logo with “” “Exclusive Benefits. Valuable Rewards” “#tbaseFASTtrack” “Call 1-800-563-0668 | Email:”)