Webinar: Ensuring Accessibility in the New World of Digital Healthcare

How to create an inclusive environment in a consumer-centric era.

It’s no surprise that accessibility compliance is of growing paramount importance amongst North American healthcare organizations. 

More and more, the healthcare industry is experiencing legal repercussions due to their inability to ensure easy access to health-related materials and information for people with visual impairments.  That challenge is compounded by the simultaneous ever-increasing demand for a consumer-centric healthcare model as consumers interact through mobile applications, portals, digital assets, and more. 

This new paradigm vastly increases technological complexity, not to mention the subsequent complexity of additional accessibility requirements. The question becomes: how can healthcare organizations avoid compounding accessibility compliance issues, all while ensuring a better digital consumer experience for all?

In this 60-minute webinar hosted by the world’s leading accessibility and compliance experts, participants will learn:

  • The latest legal requirements affecting healthcare organizations
  • How to address the accessibility impact as it relates to the newly weighted Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems (CAHPS)
  • Via a demonstration, what people with visual impairments experience when interacting with non-compliant documents and digital assets
  • How to more effectively meet accessibility demands within highly interoperable technology-driven environments

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