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Case Study: Digital Accessibility for AIR

AIR Media.As part of Accessible360’s ongoing initiative to support non-profit organizations, we perform quarterly complimentary digital accessibility assessments—helping them embark on their road to accessibility. Most recently, our professional accessibility auditors completed a comprehensive digital accessibility website assessment for Association of Independents in Radio.

AIR is a network of audio industry professionals dedicated to using audio for storytelling—identifying, cultivating, and connecting mission-driven story makers from across the U.S. and the world. AIR Media also emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in the newsroom.

In the case of AIR, Accessible360’s expert live-user auditors began reviewing the organization’s primary website—noting and documenting WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility issues and existing challenges, delivering clear explanations and recommended solutions.

Our team then provided support and assistance during their team’s remediation efforts to ensure their website was WCAG Compliant. And, to add additional help, we also offered AIR full access to our Knowledge Base.

Following the project, we met with the AIR team to summarize the assessment, reviewed their detailed summary, and discussed the next steps.

“We were delighted to receive a complimentary website audit,” commented AIR Erin McGregor. “Working with the Accessible360 team was incredibly helpful. As a result, we improved our website navigation features and learned a great deal about basic steps to ensure our content is accessible. In addition, we were able to make many changes independently, along with help from the website development team. Best of all, Accessible360’s platform made it easy to track our progress as we addressed our list of required changes.”

Working with AIR was nothing short of amazing. Their team was incredible and highly dedicated to the assessment process. From all of us at Accessible360, congratulations to everyone at AIR, and thank you for your continuing commitment to digital accessibility!

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