Bringing the Magic of the Holidays to Children—in Braille! Video Described

Bringing the Magic of the Holidays to Children—in Braille!” on YouTube

(Upbeat holiday music is playing for the duration of the video.)

(To the right of the screen, a decorated outdoor tree with a T-Base circular logo appears wedged between two piles of snow—with a mailbox in front. To the left of the screen, a character depicting a young girl appears below snowflakes. She is jumping into the air with a smile on her face.)

In text on the screen (a hand writes): For children, receiving a letter from Santa Claus is a great joy during the holidays.

(Young girl races to the mail box, stops in front and smiles.)

In text on the screen: One ALL children should have the chance to experience.

(More snowflakes appear above three snow banks. The young girl reappears, this time beside a character depicting a boy who is blind, who is carrying a white cane.)

(A speech bubble appears above the boy’s head to the left. It reads, “Will Santa write back?” A thought bubble appears above the girl’s head to the right. It reads, “I’m wondering the same.”)

In text on the screen: Regardless of disability.

In text on the screen: So, T-Base is giving Santa a hand.

(Character depicting a T-Base representative appears and has a T-Base circular logo above his head. To his right, he points a finger in the air and a light bulb appears, illustrating that he’s come up with an idea.)

In text on the screen: We’re helping him respond to children’s letters.

(T-Base representative sits at his desk, working on his laptop.)

In text on the screen: IN BRAILLE.

(T-Base representative stands, clipboard in hand; he appears to be checking off items. “Happy Holidays from Santa” in braille font appears to his right.)

In text on the screen: That way, children who are blind can experience the magic of the holidays.

(T-Base representative begins to walk to the right of—and off—the screen. He’s carrying a parcel full of letters in braille.)

In text on the screen: In the same way as their sighted friends.

(T-Base representative approaches a character depicting Santa Claus, who has his hands full of gift boxes. The T-Base representative holds out the parcel for Santa and Santa smiles.)

(The snowflakes, decorated tree and mailbox reappear along with the two children. The boy gives the thumbs up and the girl jumps into the air as two envelopes fly onto the screen—one from the top and one from the right—and into the mailbox.)

(T-Base representative dances and Santa Claus has his arms in the air. “Ho. Ho. Ho.” appears in text as the two characters celebrate.)

(Circular T-Base logo appears with Santa Claus hat on top of it.)

In text on the screen >> Customers, partners and friends, thank you for a wonderful 2016. And for recognizing the importance of alternate formats. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! See you in 2017! | 1-800-563-0668