Alternate Formats: Key to Meeting Subscriber Needs (in Telecommunications) Video Described

Alternate Formats: Key to Meeting Subscriber Needs (in Telecommunications) on YouTube

(Upbeat music plays for the duration of the video, and the full T-Base Communications logo remains in the bottom left.)

(Intro screen: T-Base Communications logo slides downward, followed by “Who We Are & What We Do” & “For Telecommunications Providers”)

>> Narrator: Do your subscribers who are aging, blind or have low vision have access to the information they need to fully understand their landline or mobile phone charges?

(Split screen. On the left, a character depicting a telecommunications provider appears in front of a building that reads, “Phone Company”. Below that character: “Landline” with a corded phone appears followed by “Mobile” with a cellphone. On the right side of the split screen, three characters appear: one depicting a subscriber who is blind, one depicting a subscriber who is aging and one depicting a subscriber who has low vision. All three appear confused trying to read their billing statements, scratching their heads or frowning.)

>> Narrator: When you communicate accessibly, you comply with accessibility legislation & guidelines, while meeting the needs of more subscribers.

(Symbols and text for the following legislation/legislative bodies appear: Federal Communications Commission, Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission, WCAG 2.0, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, Americans with Disabilities Act. A group of characters depicting subscribers appear, including the three with visual impairments previously introduced.)

>> Narrator: People with disabilities and their friends & family represent over 50% of the population.

(Group of subscribers remains. Pie graph appears behind the group showing that people with disabilities & friends and family represent over 50% of the population.)

>> Narrator: It’s important to meet the needs of this large & growing demographic.

(“Large & Growing Demographic” appears in text.)

>> Narrator: Remember, customer loyalty leads to customer retention.

(“Customer loyalty” followed by a downward arrow followed by “Customer retention”)

>> Narrator: T-Base is your go-to alternate format company.

(Full T-Base Communications logo appears with “Your go-to alternate format company.” below it.)

>> Narrator: We design and produce billing statements, user manuals, rate plans and other customer documents…

(Split screen. To the left, “Accessible Billing” with a mobile phone and wireless symbol appears, followed by “User Manuals” with a sheet of lined paper, followed by “Rate Plans” with a sheet of paper representing a contract.)

>> Narrator: … in braille, large print (re-flowed), accessible PDF, e-Text and audio.

(On the right side of the split screen, the logos/symbols appear for the alternate formats. Beside large print there is a symbol with “Blown up” crossed out to emphasize that T-Base large print documents are not blown up.)

>> Narrator: And deliver them directly to subscribers on your behalf, under your brand.

(Right-facing arrow appears to the right of the symbols for alternate formats; it’s pointing to the subscriber who is blind. The subscriber appears holding his accessible document and looks celebratory: he’s mid-air in a pose suggesting he just jumped and has a big smile on his face. )

>> Narrator: Also offered: Accessibility awareness training for your customer service representatives, web accessibility training and website or mobile app accessibility audits.

(While the left side of the split screen remains the same, the alternate formats and end-user on the right slide away and the following appear in place: “Accessibility Awareness Training” with a character depicting a CSR, who is handing out brochures; “Web Accessibility Training”; and “Website & Mobile App Accessibility Audits”, which has a cursor hovering over it.)

>> Narrator: Frequently audited by North America’s leading telecommunication companies, our infrastructure is private, secure and a safe place for your subscribers’ sensitive data.

(Split screen. On the left, the circular T-Base logo appears, followed by “All File Formats Accepted Securely”. PCI-DSS & SOC2 Type2 security logos appear.)

>> Narrator: Turn to T-Base for high quality, quick turnaround, innovative solutions and best-in-class service.

(On the right side of the split screen, the group of subscribers reappears. Above the group: “High Quality” “Quick Turnaround” “Innovative Solutions” “Best-in-Class Service”

>> Narrator: We’ll take care of all aspects of accessible communications, simplifying them for you, our core business, so you can focus on yours.

(“Let’s talk! 1-800-563-0668 SIMPLIFYING ACCESSIBLE COMMUNICATIONS.TM For Telecommunications Providers” appears in text)