Alternate Formats for Banks: Enhancing Customer Experience Video Described

Alternate Formats for Banks: Enhancing Customer Experience on YouTube

>> Narrator: Is improving the customer experience part of your business strategy?

(A clipboard appears displaying an “Accessibility Checklist” with the following points: “Statements”, “Documents”, “Forms” and “Online”. A question mark appears beside each point.)

>> Narrator: Consumers who are blind or have low vision, along with the aging population, need equal access to information as those who are fully sighted and in their preferred alternate format.

(Forming a triangle, three characters depicting bank customers appear one after the other: one who is blind trying to access his bank account via a desktop computer, one who has low vision trying to read her bank statement and another who is aging trying to read his bank statement. All three characters are having trouble accessing their information.)

>> When you communicate accessibly you meet the needs of more customers and comply with accessibility legislation & guidelines.

(A bank building appears with “Loans”, “Credit Cards”, “Investments” and “Retail Banking” appearing above it and “Americans with Disabilities Act”, “Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act” and “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0” appearing to the right. Customers depicting bank customers appear one by one in front of the bank building, and a woman depicting the bank’s customer service representative appears in front of the crowd.)

>> Narrator: T-Base is your go-to alternate format company.

(The T-Base logo and “Your go-to alternate format company” enter and quickly exit to the left.)

We design and produce customer statements and documents in braille, large print, accessible PDF and e-Text. And deliver them directly to your customers on your behalf, under your brand.

(Conversion process appears: A bank statement and a brochure appear on the left, followed by the T-Base logo, a right-facing arrow and the alternate formats to the right. The alternate formats—braille, large print, accessible PDF, e-Text and “other formats”—are shown either by text or by logo. An arrow points to the end consumer holding up and pointing at his final document.)

>> Narrator: Your IT team doesn’t need to lift a finger. We accept the data you provide—in any format you provide it in—and take care of the entire conversion.

(The bank building reappears on the left. Moving right, examples of accepted file formats appear: “AFP”, “PDF”, “CSV”, “EBCDIC”, “ASCII”, “HTML”, “XML” “& others!” followed by a right-facing arrow.)

>> Narrator: Continually audited by the world’s largest financial institutions, our infrastructure is private, secure, a safe place for your customers’ sensitive data.

(The PCI DSS and SOC 2 security logos appear one over the other, with the T-Base logo in between them. Check marks appear to the right of the security logos.)

(A character depicting a T-Base representative is seated at his desk, speaking with the bank’s customer service representative on the phone, telling her the “Statement is on its way!” The bank’s CSR, at her own desk, replies with a “Super!” Speech bubbles are used.)

>> Narrator: Turn to T-Base for high quality, quick turnaround, innovative solutions and best-in-class service.

(Once again forming a triangle, the three characters—one depicting a person who is blind, one depicting a person who has low vision and one depicting a person who is aging—reappear, holding their financial documents in alternate formats and cheering.)

>> Narrator: We’ll take care of all aspects of accessible communications, simplifying them for you, our core business, so you can focus on yours.

(“Let’s talk! 1-800-563-0668 SIMPLIFYING ACCESSIBLE COMMUNICATIONS.TM” appears. A phone on a phone cord appears to the right of the text. Video ends.)