Accessible standardized testing

Many private and public K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions in Canada and the United States turn to T-Base for accessible standardized testing. We offer tests and exams in braille, large print, audio and accessible math.

Tests and exams: produced accessibly, handled securely

T-Base handles sensitive standardized testing information with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring it is processed securely and never divulged. T-Base works on behalf of North America’s largest financial institutions to process private financial banking and investor statements. Under the same secure infrastructure, we produce accessible standardized tests, exams and report cards for schools, school boards and ministries of education with state- and province-wide testing.

Join the many educational institutions across North America who already provide equal access to students during exam time.

Other accessible instructional materials

We also offer the seamless transcription of textbook data to ensure the highest degree of usability and readability for students in K-12, college and university.

  • Skilled, certified transcribers and proofreaders
  • Literary (UEB and EBAE)
  • Nemeth
  • Music

Expedited turnaround

Through FASTtrack, T-Base is able to deliver accessible instructional material, for even the most complex STEM subjects, 2x faster in braille—with quality intact and alongside leading tactile graphic production.