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Accessible Math and Chemistry Textbooks in Alternate Formats 2x Faster

By July 11, 2018November 16th, 2020ACCESSIBLE TEXTBOOKS

Supply is inadequate but demand is high when it comes to the transcription of textbooks in alternate formats for students who are blind or low vision. Universities, colleges, departments of education and publishers need quick turnaround, high quality, and a vendor that can take care of high-volume, complex orders (e.g. an order for an accessible math or chemistry textbooks in alternate formats). They also need a variety of alternate format types in order to provide students the options that they deserve.

Good news: We’ve expanded the capabilities of our automated software solution FASTtrack to better meet your transcription needs. Now FASTtrack

  • handles math & chemistry and
  • outputs a wide range of textbooks in alternate formats (i.e. not just braille).Get textbooks in alternative formats for the blind and low vision students

To briefly recap for our new readers (hello!): Our software takes the first pass at inferring the structure of a document (part of the inference engine uses Artificial Intelligence/Neural Network Technology), then a trained FASTtrack operator perfects the document’s structure. Next, T-Base certified transcribers and subject matter experts QA the transcribed material to ensure it accurately reflects the original and meets customer requirements. With FASTtrack, high-quality accessible instructional materials are in students’ hands in half the time.

Get accessible math and chemistry textbooks in alternate formats 2x faster

Manual transcription typically takes 4-9 months. Students who are blind or have low vision do not always receive their accessible learning materials on time. This is the case especially if it’s complex subject matter like math or chemistry.

An increasing number of students who are blind or low vision are realizing their dreams of becoming scientists, doctors, tech entrepreneurs or engineers by way of studying STEM subjects in both k-12 and post-secondary. A growing interest in STEM among students coupled with the fact that manual transcription of complex STEM materials can be especially slow points to a major risk: students who are blind or low vision either falling behind in their studies or dropping a course they initially were or still are interested in. We can prevent this.

FASTtrack now handles math and chemistry textbooks in alternative formats. Whether you have a simple literary novel or a complex mathematics book—packed with tables, charts and equations—transcription is 2x faster with FASTtrack. Quality remains intact (with QA by subject matter experts, including those certified in UEB Nemeth braille).

Accessible PDF, e-Text and many other alternate formats now available via FASTtrack

FASTtrack can now output a variety of formats: accessible PDF, e-Text, audio, braille and large print (either reflowed or enlarged). Braille is not your only option, nor should it be. Departments or ministries of education, colleges, universities and publishers have students with varying needs; some students prefer digital alternate formats, others prefer print formats such as braille. To offer all output formats—digital and print—via FASTtrack coincides with a core belief at T-Base: Choice is key!

Simplified, faster transcription for students who are blind or low vision

Like you, we believe every student deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. For students who are blind or have low vision, equal opportunity involves fast turnaround of accessible instructional material—regardless of subject matter and in their preferred format. FASTtrack makes it happen, and makes it easy.

If you have questions or would like a demo of FASTtrack, contact us!