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Accessible Communications: Weekly Digest 11


Jan. 22 – Jan. 26, 2018 >> Accessibility topics covered this week include the following:

  • The importance of SLAs in accessible communications
  • Security’s role in accessible standardized testing
  • Speed and quality without IT investment
  • Accessibility at all levels of government
  • … and more!

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Unmatched SLAs in the industry

Customers should receive accessible communications in a timely fashion. Fast turnaround plays an integral role in communicating effectively—it helps keep your organization compliant with accessibility legislation and enhances the customer experience. For this reason, T-Base offers industry-leading SLAs, including 1 day turnaround on  automated accessible statement processing.

Sensitive data. Private. Secure. Always.

T-Base works on behalf of North America’s largest financial institutions to process private financial banking and investor statements under a secure infrastructure. Under the same infrastructure, we produce accessible standardized tests and report cards for schools, school boards and ministries or departments of education. Sensitive testing information remains private.

Accessible communications without IT investment

Subscribers who are blind or low vision demand speed, security and quality of accessible telecommunications. End-to-end service allows you to make all your communications accessible quickly and easily without IT investment. Required is an understanding of today’s best practices and the subject matter expertise to convert communications into the right formats at the right time.

Accessibility at all levels of government

The best–really, the only–way to meet the needs of a large and diverse group of people is to first be aware of their needs and then to take the necessary steps to best accommodate those needs. For training in accessibility and the widest range of alternate formats, at all levels of government, turn to T-Base. We combine technology and expertise for output that is of the highest quality with the fastest turnaround.

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