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Accessible Communications: Weekly Digest 09


Jan. 08 – Jan. 12, 2018 >> This week we covered the following:

  • How major firms stack up when it comes to accessibility
  • A faster, more streamlined way to turn printed educational materials into alternate formats
  • Two types of communications to consider as you work toward an inclusive customer experience
  • … and more!

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There’s a window of opportunity—act quick!

Out of 1,136 major firms evaluated for their accessibility activity, 867 registered no score at all. You still have the opportunity to become a market leader, create differentiation and positive brand associations at relatively lower cost. Keep in mind, too, that not only is the regulatory environment getting tougher, but accessibility-related litigation against companies has doubled over the last two years.

Large orders for accessible edu materials devoured.

For educational institutions fielding requests for accessible instructional materials, FASTtrack tackles a major pain point: the trade-off between speed and quality. This software solution quickly devours high volumes of accessible instructional material without compromising on quality. Students who are blind or low vision get accessible learning materials 2X faster.

Two types of communication in telecom

Customer communications in telecom are generally either one-to-one statements and documents (e.g. monthly usage billing statements) or one-to-many documents (e.g. user manuals, marketing materials). Communications in telecom, namely one-to-one documents, may contain sensitive subscriber data that must remain private. Learn how we safeguard subscriber data.

Now: Custom accessibility training in-house

Accessibility Awareness Training for Customer Service Representatives is beneficial for not only telecommunications providers and financial institutions—it’s great for government! Bring public-facing representatives of your department up to speed on accessibility in government and accommodating the needs of people who are blind or low vision. Start with accessibility training.

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