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Accessible Communications: Weekly Digest 08


Jan. 01 – Jan. 05, 2018 >> Happy New Year! Perhaps you noticed we took a little break over the holidays, but we’re back with #tbasenews to share. This week we covered cutting-edge technology for braille textbooks, building accessible PDF and Office documents from scratch, a video on providing a more inclusive customer experience and the price of non-compliance if you don’t.

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Be proactive. Why pay the price for non-compliance?

Lawsuits against companies not accommodating people with disabilities are on the rise. It helps to have someone guide you through the complex maze of accessible communications regulations and standards. T-Base helps you keep up with your legal obligations–learn about accessibility legislation across a variety of industries, including financial services and healthcare insurance.

Security in accessible standardized testing

Standardized tests, exams and report cards for schools, school boards and ministries or departments of education must be transcribed into alternate formats for students who are blind or low vision. What you might not know:  security plays an important role in this process.

Alternate formats: key to meeting subscriber needs

Do your subscribers who are blind or low vision have access to the information they need to fully understand their wireless or wireline charges? Check out Alternate Formats: Key to Meeting Subscriber Needs (in Telecommunications) for how to improve CX via billing statements, user manuals and other communications in alternate formats.

Accessible PDF, Office docs training – booking now!

If you’re in government and looking for training in accessibility, we can help. Accessible PDF and Office Documents training will help your content team craft accessible communications in PDF or Office programs from scratch.

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