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Accessible Communications: Weekly Digest 06


Dec. 11 – Dec. 15, 2017 >> This week we covered net worth and spending power of boomers compared to that of younger generations, high-quality textbooks at high speed (yes, it’s possible to have both!), the importance of choice in telecom and a simple way that the government can gain the public’s trust and confidence.

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Boomers outspend younger adults 2:1

The net worth and spending power of boomers and seniors is 3X that of younger generations. The aging population makes up a large portion of the population and represents a major concentration of wealth/ disposable dollars. A powerful business opportunity–an “accessibility opportunity”–exists for financial institutions and healthcare insurance providers.

There’s a need for transcription speed in education

K-12, universities, colleges and publishers know there’s often a trade-off between quality and speed when ordering accessible instructional materials. Through software for automated transcription, we are now able to eliminate this trade-off.


Telecom subscribers want choice

A single approach to accessibility is not enough; in fact, offering one type of alternate format for people who have vision loss may be considered a failure to offer reasonable accommodation. Providing choice in accessible communications should be a part of your company’s commitment to accessibility. Today there are many, many alternate format types available for full compliance.

Gain the public’s trust and confidence

Through greater access to information, government gains the trust and confidence of the public it serves. This is one of many reasons to offer accessible programs, services and supporting communications (forms, applications, documents, brochures, etc.).

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