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Accessible Communications: Weekly Digest 05


Dec. 04 – Dec. 08, 2017 >> Key topics covered this week:

  • The demographic with 4.9 trillion in purchasing power
  • Why students who are blind or low vision are at risk of falling behind
  • Applicable accessibility legislation for telecom
  • A crucial yet simple way for government to meet the diverse needs of the public

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4.9 trillion of purchasing power

Persons with disabilities (PWD), plus friends and family, account for over 4.9 trillion of purchasing power in North America. What’s more, 3 in 4 PWD’s and their families and friends move their business elsewhere as a result of lack of disability awareness. Learn more about the sheer size of the population of people who are blind or low vision and its economic impact.

Are your students at risk of falling behind?

Students who don’t get their accessible instructional material on time are at risk of falling behind in their studies. This happens especially with complex subject matter. Learn more about the link between turnaround of braille textbooks and student success.

Accessibility legislation in telecom

Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 requires manufacturers of telecom equipment and providers of telecom services to ensure that equipment and services are accessible for people with disabilities. Learn more about legislation pertaining to the accessibility of statements, user guides, rate plans and other subscriber communications.

More than just braille…

While it is important to ensure government communications are available online, it’s equally important to ensure they’re available in many other alternate formats: braille, large print, audio, etc. Fortunately they’re all available to you.

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