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Accessible Communications: Weekly Digest 02

By November 17, 2017ACCESSIBILITY NEWS


Nov. 13 – Nov. 17, 2017 >> People who are blind or low vision are not a small, niche market–and we have the stats to prove it. This week on social media we covered the following topics:

  • Economic impact of accessible communications for financial services
  • Feedback from DSS offices regarding turnaround of alternate formats
  • How healthcare insurance providers and government can access an influential market
  • …and more!

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A powerful business case for accessibility

When you make your customer communications (e.g. personal monthly statements) accessible in all formats, you reach a growing and influential market. Communicating in an accessible way with customers who are blind or have low vision is no doubt the right thing to do, but there’s also a powerful business case for it. Learn about the accessibility opportunity, including how to gain and retain your share of a growing market.

There’s a need for speed in transcription

The results are in! According to the results of a recent T-Base-conducted survey: 91% of respondents from post-secondary and k-12 educational institutions in Canada and the U.S. said they want to see textbooks transcribed faster than they are today. Read more about the state of transcription today, the problematic trade-off between quality and speed and the solution.

Subscribers need access to information

To pay bills on time and review usage billing statements and account details, subscribers who are blind or low vision need access to information in their choice format. Plus, all subscribers must be able to access their information securely and independently. Good news: Secure accessible statement processing fits the bill and benefits all parties. You reach more people, comply with legislation, and your customers have an overall better experience. Learn more.

What’s key: accessible programs & services in gov

The disability market population is approximately 3X the size of the U.S. Hispanic market. It’s a large and growing demographic–one that government at the municipal, state/provincial and federal level can reach through accessible programs, services and supporting communications. Learn more about the power of accessibility in government.

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