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Accessible Communications: Weekly Digest 01

By November 10, 2017ACCESSIBILITY NEWS


Nov. 6 – Nov. 10, 2017 >> Every week on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +, we share tips, trends and best practices pertaining to accessible communications for enterprises, educational institutions and government. In most cases, it’s also the most popular, searched-for content on our website. At the end of each week we’ll curate the content here for central access to #tbasenews.

Covered this week: how accessibility drives market share for financial institutions and healthcare insurance providers, what’s impeding the success of students who are blind or low vision, one must-ask question if you’re in government and more. Simply click the links in the blurbs below for quick access to this week’s most-read material.

FACT: Accessibility drives market share

Optimize accessible communications and net a high return. As the Return on Disability Index (RODI) shows, an enlightened approach to accessibility draws a parallel with better corporate performance. It’s wise that organizations mind the role of demographic and cultural shifts. Read more.

Problems plaguing student success

Braille is an important resource for students who are blind; in fact, statistics show that braille literacy improves academic performance. Unfortunately, students who are blind or low vision are unable to get braille instructional materials in a timely fashion. The transcription process is in part to blame.

3 things telecom subscribers are looking for

Besides enhancing the CX, communicating with telecom subscribers in their preferred format keeps you compliant with accessibility legislation and–perhaps more surprising–makes good business sense. Speed, security and quality are of utmost importance. Learn more about meeting the needs of subscribers with vision loss.

Important Q for government

Every day people need to access government forms, applications and documents. What if a home owner who is blind can’t read his or her municipal tax bill, and subsequently submits a payment late? If you’re in government, an important question to ask yourself (and regularly) is, Am I meeting the needs of those who are blind or low vision?

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