Tools for Learning Online

Educational institutions have been adapting to find ways to accommodate students with specialized needs, learning styles, and schedules.

T-Base provides consulting services that ensures a successful e-Learning experience for the student and that all online interactions between students and their teachers become 100% accessible.  

Proprietary and commercial e-Learning platforms and information portals, such as Blackboard, can be tested for compliance against web standards, ensuring accessibility for students, and thus, is fully compliant with prevailing legislative requirements.

When e-Learning is designed accessibly, students of all abilities and disabilities can easily check grades, review lessons and assignments, follow the course schedule, post to discussion boards, or review the course syllabus. In addition, T-Base's private and secure infrastructure assures confidentiality for online assessments including quizzes, tests, and exams.

For more information or to get a quote to ensure your students' e-Learning experience is 100% accessible, please complete our online inquiry form, or contact T-Base Communications by phone at 1-800-563-0668, or by email at