Accessible Online Banking Services

Accessible Banking Online

T-Base provides accessible online banking, ensuring your blind, low vision and print disabled customers enjoy the same barrier-free banking and convenience as your sighted customers. With accessible online banking, your customers can access their account statements and other important documents online. This gives your customers more of what they are looking for, while helping you meet your paperless statement migration goals, managing your risk and cost, while ensuring that you fully comply with legislative requirements.

Accessible PDF Statements

To help you most cost-effectively meet the need, while providing this group of customers with a rich online experience, we have developed our industry leading AccessOne accessible PDF - a universally accessible document type that offers your customers the widest range of access choices all within one document.   

Customers with partial sight can access their large font bank statement in a high contrast design, or they can listen to their accessible bank statement using screen reading technology. Blind customers can similarly access via audio in this way, or can read their statement online via a dynamic braille display, or print locally on their personal braille embosser.

Our aim is to give you an accessible statement option that attracts your customers to move online as they can enjoy more timely access, and the widest range of access methods possible. 

Providing Barrier-Free Banking

To ensure that your retail banking, credit card, and wealth management customers have easy access to their account view and that the layout and navigation is fully accessible and compliant with the latest in web accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0, AA or AAA) our web accessibility experts can perform a web accessibility audit and then guide your web implementation team through any required remediation to your site. 


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