Accessibility Training

Creating Accessible Customer Experiences

T-Base offers comprehensive half-day and full-day accessibility training sessions, from which you’ll walk away with specific implementation tips and techniques to make your communications accessible and fully compliant with legislation such as AODA, the Information and Communications Standard for the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, Section 508, and the Government of Canada’s Standard on Web Accessibility.

Making your customer communications compliant with the latest guidelines and legislation won’t just ensure you are compliant, but it will also enrich the experience of all your visitors. Whether your current role at your organization is in management or you're part of the content or technical team, our half-day and full-day courses offer attendees a detailed understanding of how to make online content and customer experience fully accessible.

T-Base offers the following customized training courses delivered at your place of business:

Web Accessibility (half- and full-day sessions)

Accessible PDF and Office Documents (half-day session)

Accessibility Awareness Training for Customer Service Representatives (half-day session)


Man carrying out online accessibility training in front of a class

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Man carrying out online accessibility training in front of a class