Government Online

Technology has changed the way we access information and the ability to create accessible information. Governments have been working to make programs and services available online to be more accessible to better serve the public. As a result, access to online services is improving as government becomes more responsive, building trust and confidence in online transactions. 

To that end, T-Base has been helping various government departments ensure that when accessing application forms and documents online, they are 100% accessible to blind, low vision and print disabled constituents.

In addition to the creation and remediation of accessible PDFs for governments online, T-Base also provides accessible e-text, HTML, audio, and braille files for dynamic braille displays, and ensures statement and transaction information are fully accessible. Performing web audits in compliance to government standards is a sure fire way to ensure public facing websites are meeting communications needs for all abilities and disabilities.   

For more information on delivering government programs and services online accessibly, complete our convenient online inquiry form, or contact T-Base Communications by phone at 1-800-563-0668, or by email at