Braille Literacy Month 2017

As January wraps up, we can’t not share the fact it is Braille Literacy Month on the blog. We’re passionate about braille (no secret there!) and every day we work to put braille materials in the hands of people who need them, namely students and consumers who are blind or print restricted. 

To become print literate (i.e. to have the ability to read, write and comprehend) is crucial: print plays a big role in K-12 curriculum and society as a whole. Print literacy contributes to the academic success and independence of children and has lifelong benefits. For people who are blind or print restricted, braille literacy is just as important.

So, this month—and every month—we are promoting braille literacy.

About Braille - Resources 

We’ve compiled our top braille-related blog posts, and we’ve tossed a few off-site favourites in the mix. Learn about the inventor of braille, what braille is exactly, braille textbooks and more. 

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Lucy Morrissey - Jan 25, 2017

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