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Sharlyn Ayotte - Jan 28, 2008

With today’s blind, deafblind and partially sighted population on the rise, we are witnessing an increase not only in the size of this consumer base, but also in it’s prosperity.  The aging population, for example, the majority of whom require large print due to failing eyesight, have disposable incomes and high net worth.  Not surprisingly, this affluent group of consumers is equally concerned with access to public and private information.  What may be surprising, however, is the estimate that less than 5% of printed material is made available in alternative formats, making access to info

Sharlyn Ayotte - Jan 10, 2008

The photo included in this blog posting is a stylized painting created by Carolyn Butts.  It portrays a blind entrepreneur in the fast lane wearing a business suit with brief case in hand, red tie flapping in the wind – holding onto the red harness of his running guide dog. This painting has personal significance to me and to my business as it depicts a world in which all blind individuals are participating fully and actively in all aspects of the social and economic mainstream, which is the true vision behind T-Base Communications.