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Lucy Morrissey - Jun 29, 2016

From Finding Dory accessible in theatres to changes to the AODA Customer Service Standard, June has been a busy month for accessibility-related news and initiatives. Here’s a recap of our favourite stories.

Lucy Morrissey - Jun 10, 2016

T-Base reached out to consumers across North America who are blind, deaf-blind or partially sighted to hear about their experience obtaining accessible communications via call center, in person or online.

Courtney DeLaura - Jun 01, 2016

For the month of May, which also marked the fifth anniversary of Global Accessibility Awareness (GAAD), we’ve got to witness efforts over North America for greater access for persons with disabilities and a more inclusive online experience. Here’s a recap of what has been trending in the accessibility domain.

#Access4All: Campaign to Promote Universal Accessibility in Canada

Lucy Morrissey - May 19, 2016

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The purpose of this day is to spark dialogue about digital accessibility, to encourage people to think and learn about the ways people who are blind or have low vision use the web, software, mobile apps and other digital tools. 

Lucy Morrissey - May 16, 2016

We believe that everyone should be able to live up to their full potential, which is why at T-Base Communications we’re friends and supporters of the Rick Hansen Foundation.