Accessible Banking

Accessible banking to customers who are blind, have low vision or are print restricted means maintaining access to braille bank statements, large print statements and a fully accessible online banking experience equally, privately and securely.

Reasons to Offer Alternate Format Bank Statements, Documents

Providing equal access ensures all customers have the opportunity to understand their statements and other financial documents—to make informed financial decisions—and ensures you comply with accessibility legislation, thereby reducing your corporate risk and cost.  

T-Base is North America's leading accessibility partner for financial institutions ensuring customers who are blind or have low vision can manage their financial affairs securely, independently, and are equipped with same timely access as sighted customers.

T-Base simplifies accessible communications with the design, production and delivery of statements and product and service brochures, among other banking documents. We deliver them directly to the customers who require alternate formats.  


Three bank statements stacked one over the other

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Three bank statements stacked one over the other